Frequent Contacts

Quickly contact your favorite people.

Automatically configured and adapts to changes in called contacts.

Works on Android version 2.1 (API level 7) and up, except droid phones.

Open sourced. See

Removed messages part of the application because it depends of messages content providers, and they are different in every device. There is no simple way for writing an application that enhances messaging experiece without having all kinds of devices. Sorry about the troubles it might have caused you.

For questions, suggestions and general comments, please send an email to

Widget on desktop

Touch to call the eight people you call most often.

Phone Widget display

Frequent Contacts Application

View contacts ordered by frequency of outgoing calls.

Application display

Getting Frequent Contacts application

Using your phone, go to market://search?q=pname:com.phonepony.frequentcontacts or use the following QR code

QR code

Getting started with Frequent Contact Widget

Before starting Frequent Contacts widget, make room for it. The widget needs two rows and four columns space (eight cells total). Long press on desktop and select add widget. From the widget list select Frequent Contacts widget.

Select widget

Frequent Contact widget initialization takes a few seconds, depending on the number of calls in the call log.

Widget initializing

Widget is ready to work. Just touch the contact you want to call, or select and click on it, and the call will initiate.


Getting started with Frequent Contact Application

Select Frequent Contact Application from the launch menu of the home application. After calculating your most frequent calls, the application displays your called numbers ordered by frequency. Click on a contact to make a call.


About us

This application was created by two developers having fun with Android. We will try to solve any problem, but remember that the application is free. We have just a Nexus one phone and the emulator, so if it doesn't work for you it would help us if you send a lot of information about your cell phone and usage pattern.

Future plans

Please send suggestions and comments to

  1. Semi persistent positions. Will be completed by 20/7/10
  2. Internationalization by 20/7/10
  3. Figure out what users want
    1. More widget sizes?
    2. Configurable number of people in application (currently fixed 100)?
    3. Configurable calculation period (currently fixed month back)?
    4. Manual filter to remove people from the frequently called list?
    5. Anything else?

Legal stuff

A lot of the code is based on the Contact application that comes with Android. Some other parts of the code are based on the examples from Android developer site. The all have apache license. Thanks to all of them for their great code.